AP Photo Portfolio


Serenity and peacefulness can be found anywhere even in a busy city. I use leading lines and pathways to show nature and always moving forward even when you can’t see the end. I use places where I find my own tranquility even if it is in a busy place and showing how in those places you can find your own peace. I connect places like my home to my boarding school to places where I may be even for a short amount of time.

  In my concentration, I use leading lines and simplicity to show how I find my peacefulness in everyday places to places I may only be for a short amount of time. I find I take the best photos when I’m not looking to take the photos and I just have camera with me. A good example of this would be photo 6. In photo 6, the simplicity of the photo with the blue from the water and the sky being the same color, but different shades and being separated by the faint land in the background shows simplicity in its simplest form, I enjoy being on/close to the water, and this photo reminds me of the peacefulness from being alone on the water. Photo 1 was taken in the city, and I use the buildings and the line in the road connected to the sky which brings you to the center of the photo. I find peace in pathways and not being able to see the end, as if it goes on forever, which is also seen in photo 12. In photo 10, despite the business of the city, I use the buildings to frame the sides of the photos as it narrowly moves in. Overall, reflections and leading lines show the peacefulness one can find in their everyday lives even on the busiest days.